What's this all about then?

Who are The Lonely Marketers?

The Lonely Marketers are a community of individuals involved in the marketing efforts in a recruitment agency. We share ideas and experiences with the aim of elevating the standing of role of marketing.

Who runs The Lonely Marketers?

Nobody really. Like any community we grow and develop together. Glenn Southam, who hosts The Lonely Marketer podcast created the brand and website but his vision is for the network to grow organically with input from all members.

How much is it to join The Lonely Marketers?

Absolutely nothing. And it never will be. The Lonely Marketers will always run as an independent community that will never ask its members for money. All you need to do is simply submit your details on the homepage and we'll be in touch.

Can I be a guest on The Lonely Marketer podcast?

Yes! If you've been involved or are currently involved in marketing in a recruitment agency of course. Just drop us a note at podcasts@thelonelymarketers.com and we'll be in touch.

If I attend one of The Lonely Marketers events, will I be sold to?

100% no. Our events will purely be a chance for you to network with your peers and to share your challenges and experiences. We may have some guest speakers now and again but they'll be a strict "no selling" policy.