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    Victoria Rush

    The Recruitment Marketing Podcast

    Victoria Rush sits down (remotely) with Glenn to throw around some ideas as to what marketers could and should be doing whilst in lockdown. A brilliant chat between two friends over a beer (or two).

    Listen to her episode here.

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    Neil Rudolph

    Founder at RedKnows

    Glenn and Neil Rudolph sit down to discuss what they have learnt about marketing during the Coronavirus crisis. Insightful, 'on-the-ground' chat around the good, the bad, the ugly and the opportunities.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    Michelle Flynn

    Founder at Michelle Flynn Coaching

    Recorded, during lockdown, Glenn speaks with Michelle to talk about all things health and wellbeing. What can we be doing to stay healthy physically and mentally? Tips here for all climates.

    Listen to her episode here.

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    Kieron Mayers

    Director at Marmalade Marketing

    Kieron takes us on his journey of recruitment marketing that took him from the UK to Oz and back again. We cover the good, the bad and the ugly of marketing as well as an honest insight into living with bipolar disorder.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    Dave Jenkins

    Founder at Wave

    Dave Jenkins from Wave joins us to talk about job boards, the future of them and the strategies you as marketers should take when you bring them on board. Touch on candidate experience and Google For Jobs as well.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    John Russell

    CMO & UK MD at Staffing Future.

    John is one of our most experienced guests with a career spanning the best part of 20 years. He has seen how the industry has changed and where it's going now in his role at Staffing Future.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    Paul Brown

    CEO of Baked Bean Media

    Paul Brown joins us to talk about how social media content drove over £800k worth of business for his previous recruitment company. As founder of Baked Bean Media, he shares his tips and insight to get results.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    Jon Brooks

    Founder of The Value Advantage

    Jon Brooks enters the pod to talk about marketing's role in the pricing of recruitment services. With the rise of productisation and ABM, marketers need to be involved in the chats about pricing. Jon tells us how.

    Listen to his episode here.

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    Susie Lawler

    Head of Marketing at Odro

    Susie joins us from the team at Odro to talk about how her role has built on significant marketing success to bring structure. We also discuss how giving away your most valuable stuff for free is a good idea.


    Listen to her episode here.