• LauraB.jpeg

    Laura Baxter

    Head of Marketing at Social Personnel

    Laura talks about how she shifted from customer success to marketing for Social Personnel and now uses storytelling to shout about the great work happening in the world of social care.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • AimeeT.jpeg

    Aimee Treasure

    Head of Marketing at VHR

    We're always wondering how to get bang for our buck. Aimee at VHR does just that. Current holder of Marketing Week's Rising Star Award, she tells us how she achieved it and what campaigns have added value.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • AndyMac.jpeg

    Andrew MacAskill

    Founder at Executive Career Jump

    Andrew is a personal branding king.  He had a lightbulb moment when coming back from Oz as to how this approach can work. Loads of practical tips and tricks in this chat as well as advice if you're looking to move.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • JanineOwen.jpeg

    Janine Owen

    Marketing Director at Search Consultancy

    Janine manages a team of 12 marketers at Search and talks about how to structure a team and how marketers need to understand, choose and implement tech products to drive results in your marketing

    Listen to her episode here.

  • LJAC.png

    Lottie Jones & Anya Claxton

    Creative Projects & EB at Wiser

    Double​ trouble with Lottie and Anya. We dive into the ever-popular world of Employer Branding and how creative and recruitment can work together (as it does at Wiser). Featuring an in-house book of swear words...

    Listen to their episode here.

  • KD.jpeg

    Katharine Donnelly

    Marketing Director at Huntress

    A really honest insight into the rapid career progression with Katharine from the long-established Huntress. We talk about being a generalist marketer, influencing and growing marketing teams.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • Coralie.jpeg

    Coralie Fernando

    Head of Marketing & Comms at Tiger

    C​oralie talks through using research (YouGov no less) to create credible content as well as being on top of Tiger's SEO efforts by speaking to her agency three times a day! Lots of neat takeaways in this one,

    Listen to her episode here.

  • CR.jpeg

    Christina Robinson

    Managing Director at Green Umbrella

    We sit down with Christina to discuss how companies can pivot their content during a crisis and the impact your actions can have on Employer Brand. Phrase of the show: "Dont cry in your cornflakes."

    Listen to her episode here.

  • AmandaLeGros.jpeg

    Amanda Le Gros

    Head of Marketing at CV Library

    Are job boards dead? Not if CV-Library is anything to go by. Amanda speaks to us about multi-channel campaigns, pushing the marketing boundaries, Theresa May and Barney the owl.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • daniel fellows.jpeg

    Daniel Fellows

    Founder of Get-Optimal

    Job adverts. Yikes. Difficult for marketers to control them, a challenge to stand out with the millions out there on the t'internet. We go down into the rabbit hole with Daniel to from Get-Optimal.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • NicolaGomme.jpeg

    Nicola Gomme

    Founder at CultureBee.

    Nicola has a wealth of experience and we discuss how the art of getting feedback is key to successful marketing. We also touch upon the relationship of technology and marketing and her own startup journey.

    Listen to her episode here.