• DW.jpeg

    Darren Westall

    CEO of Paiger

    The sixth series kicks off with insight into recruitment marketing with our valued sponsors Darren Westall from Paiger joins us to talk about copywriting, opensource marketing and lots more.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • FL.jpeg

    Faye Lewis

    COO of Sixty Seconds

    Faye Lewis joins us for the second time as we discuss the consumerisation of candidates. We talk about B2C approaches to recruitment marketing as well as what the future holds for her at Sixty Seconds.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • LouiseA.jpeg

    Louise Archer

    Founder at Retrained Search

    Winning retained business may not seem like a 'marketing' thing but it is an opportunity for marketers to step up and be more commercial. Louise Archer from Retrained Search is our expert guest to tell us how.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • ChrisC.png

    Chris Cranshaw

    Founder of Halt

    With​ multiple years of experience in the industry, Chris and Glenn discuss what skills make up the Frankenstein of recruitment marketers in the modern world. We also chat about Chris' company, Halt.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • AD.jpeg

    Amanda Davies

    Marketing Consultant at Green Umbrella

    Amanda sits down on the pod to talk about marketing's role in M&A, how to get rid of creative block ('blankepageitis') and how as marketers we have huge opportunities to take centre stage in what we are creating.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • KatA.jpeg

    Kat Allenby

    Founder at Allenby Marketing

    Why should you as a marketer being caring about timesheets? What really is brand in your recruitment marketing efforts? And how the bloody hell do you have enough time? Kat Allenby chats with us to try and help. 

    Listen to her episode here.

  • NelliePerrin.jpeg

    Nellie Perrin

    Head of Marketing at Hinterview

    Being able to balance the reactive nature of recruitment with longer term brand objectives is key to success and buy in. Nellie chats to us about this as well as loads of tips in building relationships with sales.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • MaryP.jpeg

    Mary Palmer

    Communications Manager at HRC

    From being a journalist to being a recruitment marketer. Mary​ entered recruitment with the task of telling stories. She did that and now does so much more. Get her take tech, skills and her choice of films...

    Listen to her episode here.

  • RichG.jpeg

    Rich Gibbard

    Founder at RecBound

    If he wasn't doing what he was doing, Rich would love to dominate the world of football. Thankfully for us, it didn't work out so we get to hear his opinions, insight and advice on all things inbound marketing.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • paulR.jpeg

    Paul Rawson

    Marketing Director at Metamorph

    One of the most experienced guests we've had on the show, Paul speaks to us about all things about account based marketing. We bust myths and talk about how marketing makes real money from the ABM approach.

    Listen to his episode here.