• Amelia Sordell.jpeg

    Amelia Sordell

    B2B Marketing Manager at Finlay James

    Amelia has a passion for employer branding and a real focus on driving profit at Finlay James from her marketing efforts. 


    Listen to her episode here.

  • Paul Mac.jpeg

    Paul MacKenzie-Cummins

    Managing Director at Clearly PR

    Content is king as we all know. Paul is his role running Clearly PR, discusses how we should be approaching our content strategies. 

    Listen to his episode here.

  • Charlotte Ulvros.jpeg

    Charlotte Ulvros

    Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at TNG/Tengai

    Robots.​ Unbiased recruitment and a completely new take on recruitment marketing from CharlotteTNG and Tengai are everywhere. Rightly so.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • PaulMellor.jpeg

    Paul Mellor

    MD (Master of Decibels) at


    Not afraid to have an opinion on recruitment marketing 'from the outside' - Paul from Mellor&Smith discusses what can be done (a lot) better.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • Alex K.jpeg

    Alex Kane

    Head of Marketing at Sense

    We go Stateside to San Francisco to chat with Alex from Sense how we can better automate and personalize the candidate experience.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • NandipAulak.jpeg

    Nandip Aulak

    Head of Marketing at Montash

    How diverse is your marketing? We chat with Nandip from Montash about imagery, adverts and how you could be excluding your audience.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • Screenshot 2019-10-21 at 08.11.08.png

    Gareth Christian-Lim

    CEO of Recii

    How big could voice be in recruitment? Gareth talks about tech (Recii), AI & how marketing needs to be in the conversation when adopting new tech.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • MO.jpeg

    Michael Oliver

    Marketing Manager at Client Server

    Michael talks about how his background as a journalist now shapes his approach to marketing at Client Server. We talk farm animals as well.

    Listen to his episode here.

  • LilliS.jpeg

    Lilli Sampson

    Head of Marketing at Few&Far

    A complete overhaul of a brand can be a daunting project.  But if it's your baby then you really throw yourself at it.  Lilli discusses how she did this at Few&Far.

    Listen to her episode here.

  • Maansi.jpeg

    Maansi Kalyan

    Senior Marketing Lead at Orama Solutions

    Being a relative 'newbie' to the industry, Maansi is on a mission to try new things at her start-up recruitment firm, Orama Solutions.

    Listen to her episode here.